Customer Support at BoomBet Flash is ideal for those times when players need help and are not sure what to do. Casino members may receive support using the telephone and just by calling the casino. They can also email the casino any non-urgent queries, and it is possible to receive support using the popular method of live chat. Live chat is similar to instant messaging, and the customer service agent will be able to help you. Customer support is around the clock help, and it also is available 7 days a week. Some of the reasons you might contact customer support include:

Urgent Account Help

One of the reasons to contact customer support is for those times when your account is just not behaving itself. This can be that you have made a deposit that should show up instantly, but it has not posted to the account. You might be having trouble playing games or there can be another technical problem that you need casino help. This is the perfect reason to contact customer support.

Answer to Questions

Sometimes, you just need a question answered. This can be a non-urgent question. The casino does provide an area for frequently asked questions, but your question might not be listed. You can take this time to contact a customer support agent to answer it for you or to direct you where you can have your question answered.

Receive a Bonus

It is possible to contact an agent to ask about customer bonuses. The bonuses might not be listed in your casino account or you might need to have it specially approved by a customer service agent before you can use it. In some cases, casino players may contact customer support to see which bonuses they qualify for.